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  • Fools don’t listen

    heehmahr mahrt oushahteer cheh

    Mrgertitch Koryune has written a story. There was a foolish man who wanted to know how to make dolmas (stuffed grape leaves with cooked rice, vegetables, sweet and sour herbs and spices, olive oil, etc.) He asked a friend to teach him. The friend began.
    “You need a special type of grape leaves that are cured in salt brine.”
    “Yes, yes, I know.” said the fool.
    “Next, get some good long grain rice.”
    “Yes, yes, I know.”
    “Then you need good olive oil, black olives cured in brine and vinegar with spices, tomatoes, sour plums, dill and other spices.”
    “Yes, yes, I know.”
    “Don’t forget to get yogurt, chickpeas, pine nuts, lemons and sesame seeds and thyme.”
    “Yes, yes, I know.”
    “Now cook two cups of rice on a bed of tomatoes mixed with olive oil. Once very hot, add water and bring to a boil. Cook separately in some olive oil any vegetables you want to add like carrots finely cut, parsley, etc. Add pine nuts and spices like dill, cumin, turmeric, sour plums, olives, etc.
    “Yes, yes, I know.”
    “Once the rice is almost cooked spread it on a large plate to cool. Now get your grape leaves ready by spreading them out to stuff with the rice and roll into cylinders.”
    “Yes, yes, I know.”
    “Now place some cooked rice into the center of the grape leaf, turn over the corners and roll into a cylinder. Place the dolma into a cooking pot with the ends of the grape leaf facing down against the bottom of the pot.”
    “Yes, yes, I know.”
    “Once the pot is full of rolled dolmas, pour enough fresh water to cover the top of the dolmas and bring the pot to a slow boil.”
    “Yes, yes, I know.”
    “After about an hour of boiling, the water will have evaporated. Pour some extra olive oil on them and let them sit for 2 to 6 hours so that the taste develops.”
    “Yes, yes, I know.”

    “Before you serve the dolmas, get some fresh cow dung and put some on top of the plate of dolmas.”
    “Yes, yes, I know.”
    “How do you know anything, you fool, said the friend. You don’t put cow dung on top of the dolmas. You’ll ruin them. Next time, don’t assume you know anything and listen carefully to the explanation.”

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