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  • Tzahkhort orer tzmran neman goukan ou ghertan
    Vehadelou cheh verch ouneen goukan ou gertan

    In fact, every problem will be solved if we are willing to patiently wait long enough. Time resolves all problems in this world because eventually all the protagonists will die. But not everyone can be patient enough for problems to pass. They need quick solutions that often complicate matters.

    There is another saying that fire, debt and sickness should be dealt with immediately. This is obviously true. But there are many other problems that come up that are better left to the healing of time.

    There was a wealthy man who married a beautiful woman. They lived in his palatial house happily. The wife had attendants and maidservants. One day she received a large ornate chest as a gift from a relative. After some days, one of the male attendants spoke privately with the husband. He claimed that his wife put the chest in her private chamber and he suspected that there was a man in the chest who was her paramour. This rumor leaked in the house.

    The husband became impatient. He burst into his wife’s private chamber and looked at her with an apprehensive glance. She was distraught herself and immediately spoke to him in a determined voice. “You have come to examine my chest to see if there is a man inside. Well, go ahead and look.” He stepped back and relaxed his look and insisted that he had no intention of such action. She asked, “Then why have you burst into my room?”

    He said, “I don’t want to look in the chest. I want to bury the chest outside without looking in it and finish all speculation.” The wife said, “Do as you please.” He removed the chest and buried it deep in the ground and never spoke of it again.

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  • houeessuh gahtee guh nuhmahnee
    yerp lav bahyes sehr guhgabeh
    yerp shad bahyes guh tuhtvee

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