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  • Ahmen pahnee teemahtz bahd guh kahseh

    He builds a wall to obstruct every endeavor

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  • dzahr leenee? vohr kahmee chee tuhbchee

    The human condition is a roller coaster of happiness and distress. One can characterize life as being tossed continually between desiring to own and enjoy things that we want and lamenting for things that we had but have lost. Happiness and distress, desire and lamentation, heat and cold, honor and dishonor, riches and poverty, success and failure, life and death, are dualities that bewilder people. Such dualities keep us conditioned to remaining in the material world and struggling continually to adjust to them.

    The material world is a place where we constantly experience dualities.
    Modern computer science is based on binary number technology. The overall effect of using products based on binary technology is the same as material nature’s duality syndrome. Our attention is captivated by duality experienced by the images appearing on the computer screen: good and bad in news, emails, movies, images, etc.
    Such dualities captivate our attention and distract us from thinking about the real purpose of human life: self-realization and attainment of pure love for God and sharing that affectionately with everyone in our life.

    Love of the Supreme God takes us out of the binary world of duality and permits us to enter the “monary” world of love of God and everyone and everything related to God. Everything in creation is related to God but our preoccupation with material dualities distracts out attention to this most essential fact of life. What is interesting is that in the English language there is no antonym for binary. Therefore, I have invented the word “monary,” which means single or one. The binary (two) concept of life puts us into the trap of dualities. Therefore, we cannot see clearly that such dualities exist because we have forgotten our original relationship with the One Supreme God.

    For example, when we buy a new computer often we
    see a little sticker that says Intel inside. This indicates that the processors that make the computer work are manufactured by the Intel corporation. Intel says the following on its web page, “The Intel Inside Logos that appear in advertising or on computer systems serve as a reminder to computer buyers that the systems they are purchasing contain a genuine Intel® processor and offers quality, reliability, and compatibility from the world’s largest chip maker. System labeling is the foundation of the Program that ensures the consumer can identify the Intel ingredient.” Similarly, the process of self-realization will lead us to understand that God is inside or present in everything in this universe from the single atom to the heart of every living entity. This is the goal of the “monary” vision evolved from self-realization. Such vision of the one Supreme God present everywhere in creation liberates us from the constant back and forth of binary vision of material duality.

    The Armenian proverb says, “Where is there a tree that is not shaken by the wind.” Thus all living beings suffer in this world regardless of their situation. This suffering is called the struggle for existence which is trying to avoid the inevitable old age, suffering and death. We will all lose this struggle but we will try our best to avoid it by struggling to overcome the laws of nature. Rather than struggle with the impersonal laws of nature, it is better to approach the Supreme and unique Creator of nature and its laws to ask for mercy and help. The Armenian Church and all other apostolic churches have their sacred chant asking for God’s mercy. In Armenian this is called

    Der Voghormia - Please God, have mercy on us.
    Kyri Eleison - Greek for God have mercy on us

    Der Voghormia, Lord have mercy
    Der Voghormia, Lord have mercy
    Der Voghormia, Lord have mercy
    Der Voghormia, Lord have mercy

    ahree, ahstvahdz, hahrtzuhn mehrotz Dear God, You are our only refuge
    vohr ahbahvehn ehs neghehlotz. You protect those who are in trouble

    hahss!, ohknoutioun dzahraieetz kotz, Please come to the rescue of Your servant
    lehr bahhabahn ahzkeess haiotz : Oh supreme protector of the Armenian people

    ahmehnahsoourp, yehrohrtoutioun, Holiest of All, the Holy Trinity
    douhr ahsskhahehess khaghaghoutioun Please bring peace to the whole world.

    der voghormia, der voghormia, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy
    heesouss puhrgeech mehz voghormia: Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, have mercy on us

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  • kaiyluh hahmrahnk cheekeedehr

    It is second nature for the wolf to savagely kill and devour its prey. It knows no remorse because the nature of the wolf is to hunt and mercilessly kill.

    There are people who develop over time the same wolf-like quality of a merciless killer instinct.

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  • yehgeghetzeen mout eh, soourp keerkeen keerehruh buhzdeek ehn, kahhahnahn gouiyr eh, hahvahdzatzyahl-nehruh khouhl ehn, pahrtzuhr tzaiyohv gahnchehluh eezour eh

    The church is dark, the Bible has very small print, the priest is blind, and the congregation is deaf, shouting out loud is useless.

    In other words, the situation is hopeless.

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  • meghoun ouhnehtzadzeen achk chouneem

    In other words, I don’t desire or covet what someone else has.

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  • “Dasuh mahderus mohm uhree, noren koh chi muhnahts”

    I burned my ten fingers as candles, and still he was not satisfied.

    This saying expresses the exasperation felt by a person who is not able to please another.

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  • Hahmuh hohdeetz hahnetz

    This phrase is used to express impatience or dissatisfaction when someone does something that can no longer be tolerated. It is used in the same way as “he went too far,” or “enough is enough.”

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  • mahrmuhnagan hahrapehroutyan badjahrov kuhrohvelh zahrmanahli cheh, paiytz aiyt tzahngoutiounuh yehntahrgeluh pahtzahreek eh

    Becoming agitated for sex is not very unusual, but to control it, that is the real thing (that is exceptional)

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  • eench ohkout, yeteh hazar ehsshek uhsehn vor toun khehlatzee mahrt ehs

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  • haiyour ahnkahm luhseh, hahzar ahnkahm muhdadzeh, megh ahnkam khoseh

    Careful consideration of facts by listening attentively, deep thought on the points that were heard, will help one give an informed response. Speaking in a fit of passion before such careful consideration often leads to a mistake and will require an apology for saying something that is either ill-informed or abusive to the feelings of others. The truth should be spoken in a palatable way that does not hurt the feelings of others.
    Such delivery of the truth has a good chance to be accepted and can uplift the hearer.

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