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  • pouees goudeh vosgi garzeh
    eat vegetarian, it is worth gold

    mees goudeh, portzank guh pereh
    eat meat, it brings misfortune

    hahvadk ounee, lehruh gantznee
    having faith, one crosses the mountain

    havadk ounee, astduhvadz guh dessnee
    having faith, one sees God

    havadk ounee, haveedyan gahpree
    having faith, one lives eternally

    havadk chounee, hoghov guh dzadzguhvee
    without faith, he(his dead body) is covered with earth

    havadk chounee, sadanahn guh haidnuhvee
    without faith, the devil appears (before him)

    havadk chounee, havidyan guh charcharvee
    without faith, he suffers forever

    poueessuh giank ounee, suhnounth guh barounagee
    vegetables contain life, they supply(encompass) nutrition

    serhmov leek gajee, poueesuh guh norokvee
    (plants) producing many seeds, plants reproduce (themselves)

    aihees eh kaghneek mezi, pouees oudelov giankut ahroghchuh guh leenee
    this is our little secret, vegetarians live a healthy life (eating plants will make your life healthy)

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