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Wisdom from the son of Armenia.

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  • There was a man who traveled in a caravan
    He carried gold coins to sell in Yerevan
    He heard there were robbers in the hills of Tabriz
    Sought to entrust his coins to keep his mind at ease

    He noticed a man sitting beside a tent
    Who looked trustworthy with no bad intent
    He left the caravan and sought safeguard
    With the tent man of kind regard

    “Will you keep safe my coins, be my savior
    Guard them from rogue thieves of bad behavior?”
    Yes was the reply from the kind man
    So the merchant returned to the caravan

    But lo and behold robbers fleeced his friends
    Took all their valuables and odds and ends
    He thanked God his purse was with an honest man
    And ran back to get his money as was his plan

    He returned to the tent with good intent
    But saw the group of robbers malevolent
    The kind man seemed to be so sweet
    Now the merchant saw he was only a cheat

    He gave his money to the chief thief
    Now he was victim of colossal deceit
    Due to fright he began to back away
    When the chief yelled “stand at bay!”

    The chief said,”Why did you come here now?”

    “I thought you were honest, I must avow
    I gave you my money trusting you somehow
    I beg to get it back if you may allow”

    The chief of the robbers said with candor
    “Was your purse stolen, say with out slander.”

    “No sir, I did not say you are a thief
    But I am scared by the company you keep

    “Your trust in me is not in vain
    I never intended to cause you pain
    As there is one God so man’s word should be
    Always accountable and trustworthy”

    The chief of the thieves gave back the money
    The merchant felt he was in the land of milk and honey
    The robbers were impressed with their chief’s honor
    They vowed from that day to no longer steal from another

    Live with honor, gain the trust of others
    You will live long in the company of brothers

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