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  • eench vohr tzahngahss eenz hahmahr, ahstvahdz tzahngah kehz hahmahr

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  • Yehrgou pahkht zeehrahr chee kuhdnah

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  • yeteh heemahr pahnehr tzahngahs, tuhzpahght veejahgee metch geenahs
    (If you desire foolish things, you’ll end up in a difficult situation)

    There was a man who decided to see the world. He traveled far and wide seeking to acquire wealth and comfort. He entered a desert-like plain that was very hot. The hot sun bore down on him so much that he became thirsty and exhausted. He came upon a small oasis of palm trees. This secluded place was a magical place. Whoever stayed there could wish for anything and it came true.

    The traveler rested under a tree. He mused to himself, “How nice it would be if I could have a bed to sleep on under this cool shade.” Immediately a comfortable bed appeared. Shocked to his wits, he gazed at the bed and slowly touched it to make sure he was not hallucinating. Reassuring himself that the bed was real, he jumped on it and felt its soft, clean sheets and perfumed pillow. Again he mused, “Oh, how pleasant it would be if there was a pretty woman to massage my feet and legs until I fall asleep.” Miraculously, a young woman appeared and began to massage his feet.

    He felt somewhat confident that he was not dreaming. This was all real and wonderful. He thought, “How nice it would be to have a table of delicious food and cool wine to entertain this beautiful woman.” His wish materialized. The beautiful woman joined him at the table. She poured wine and held the glass to his lips as he drank his fill. Soon he was very intoxicated. Still not satisfied, he yell out, “There is not enough wine to satisfy my thirst. Let there be an ocean of wine!”

    Quickly his joy turned to horror as a gigantic ocean of wine appeared into which he drowned helplessly.

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