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  • asdvadzuh yeteh kuhradzeh, togh avreh - literally, if God has written it, try to destroy it.

    This proverb means that it is impossible to change or destroy the word of God. Of course, so many cleaver people try to destroy or alter the word of God beginning with the devil in the Garden of Eden. Yet, the truth of God’s words always prevails in time.

    There is another Armenian proverb that says, “God is always with the righteous.” (asdvadzuh sheedageen hed eh)

    If we remain faithful to the word of God then all problems in life will be resolved and those who sincerely follow will see the truth of God’s word in all things. The following is an opinion I have written that underlines the basic flaw in modern man’s thinking that has caused untold suffering. Simply realigning ourselves to the truth of God’s proprietorship over all things in existence can cure the ills of mankind.

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