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  • teemahtzee lehrnehruh eenkuhn eh uhssdteghdzehr guh gahrdzeh

    This saying is used to indicate that someone has an over-inflated sense of self worth.
    He is an arrogant braggart.

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  • pudtadz daghdahguh pehvehruh chee puhr-nehl

    Something that has deteriorated cannot perform as expected like rotten wood which has become soft due to decay. Such wood cannot hold a nail because it has become soft. Plywood and particle board can begin to decay of exposed to prolonged humidity. Once decayed, they become soft. Such wood cannot hold a nail.

    Similarly, a person who has lost control of his sense of decency due to excessive desires and frustration that weaken the mind and determination to follow the path of virtue, will not be able to maintain a life of consistent good behavior. Sooner or later, such a person will become desperate or careless and commit some indiscretion.

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  • ohv koghahtzav gahrakuh, ouhm kuhtzehtzeen mahrakuh

    This proverb says literally ” who stole the butter and who did they throw into the hayloft.”
    It implies that a thief stole the butter, but instead of imprisoning the thief, the authorities locked up the the cow that produced the butter. One can understand that this proverb refers to corrupt people who steal the result of valuable work of talented people and then imprison the people who produced the objects of value.

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