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  • There was a lamb that lived in a garden and shed
    She ate green grass and was well fed
    One day a wicked wolf entered her world
    Grabbed her soft body, but no one heard

    The lamb fell on her knees cried and said
    I have no strength to oppose you, I’m dead
    But before I go please grant me a last wish
    Which will give me solace before your death kiss

    “I’ve heard from my elders wolves can trumpet so sweet
    That the melodies they play and croon are a real treat
    Please, trumpet for me a tune that will prepare my eternal rest
    That I may go with the sound in my ears and be forever blessed.”

    The wolf was flattered, he curved his neck upward, began to howl
    Frightful sound that alerted the guard dogs who came with a growl
    The dogs bit the wolf who ran away as fast as he could
    Across the field, over the hill into the dark thicket and wood.

    The wolf circled this way and that lamenting his foolish vanity
    “When did a butcher become a trumpeter? What insanity!
    If I want to eat a tasty lamb, I shouldn’t be delayed by flattery
    But lo is me, I have been outsmarted by the lamb’s chicanery.”

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  • Shanuh peranuh shekerr eh uhnghel

    When someone flatters for a selfish purpose, this proverb is used to describe them.

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