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  • An old man once claimed that he was without fear
    Of ghosts, goblins or strange things that might appear
    Superstitions of the ignorant, old wives tales
    Made up stories to daunt and cause the mind to ail

    He boasted to his friends, “Send me anywhere
    Where there are evil spirits that might scare
    One friend asked, “Can you stay overnight
    in a graveyard without deep sleep or fright?”

    “Oh sure,” he said without hesitation
    “I’ll brave the night with no trepidation.”
    That night he stayed in that hoary, dark place
    til dawn no apparition, not a trace

    “Just see,” he said, “ghosts and ghouls don’t exist
    Though I stayed throughout the night in their midst.”
    He walked out the graveyard with happy mien
    Musing why silly folks fear the unseen

    Unnoticed were briars with thorns on the ground
    That caught his long cloak, pulled back without sound
    Shocked out of his wits as if dragged to death
    Imagined evil ghosts and exhaled his last breath

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