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  • mahrt mahrtou kahhanah,
    mahrt mahrtou sadahnah

    Literally one man may serve as another’s priest
    and one may serve as a devil

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  • Ouur vartabed kuhnahnah hon artouneh sadanah

    (pronounce the “ouur” like “our” in your without the y)

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  • sadanaheen bocheen dzayhruh

    Once, Satan’s wife held her child in her arms and and flew through the wind and alighted on top of a wall to view the world. They saw an old farmer’s wife milking a cow with one hand and pointing the teat into a clay pot which she held with her other hand. The cow suddenly kicked the old woman. She fell over bloodied, dropped the pot, which broke and the milk spilled on the ground. The injured elder, flat on her back, began to curse the devil,

    “May your children go blind, evil Satan, may your home and family be destroyed, why did you have to do this to me?”

    The devil’s son began to speak to his mother after hearing the curses of the old woman.

    “Mother, why are these humans so unjust. We were sitting here peacefully, not bothering anyone or anything. Why does this old woman blame us for her misfortune and curse us?”

    The mother devil calmly informed her son, “Hold your peace, dear son, the woman is actually right in her condemnation. Although I am sitting here with you seemingly aloof from her suffering, the tip of my tail caused the cow to kick the woman.”

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