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  • Yerek meghk kordzetcheer vor im meg meghkuhs puhrness

    There was Muslim king who would disguise himself as a commoner and walk through his capital city observing whether his subjects were following the Koranic laws. One night he heard the singing of a drunkard. He found a house with its lights on with one window open.

    He quietly went to the side of the house and observed the drunken singer sitting at his kitchen table drinking wine. The disguised king climbed through the open window and surprised the drunk. “I have caught you, you culprit, breaking the Koranic law.” The drunk calmly looked at the intruder and said,

    “You have committed three sins to catch my one sin.”

    The king was shocked. The drunk continued,

    “You approached my house to spy on me. This is one sin.”

    “The prophet Mohamed says when entering a house go through the front door. You climbed through my window like a thief. This is a second sin.”

    “When saluting a fellow Muslim, praise the name of Allah. You shouted at me, I have caught you, you culprit. This is a third sin. So you committed three sins to catch my one sin.”

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