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  • Once upon a time there was a widow named Azneev. She lived a very humble life in a small cottage. She was very kind and compassionate. With her modest means, she lived a dignified life and was able to also give gifts of kind words, food, and small donations to those who were less fortunate than her. Azneev never spoke harshly to anyone. She was an example of a good woman who practiced the the Christian virtues of faith and charity. She would pray everyday and wish everyone well.

    One day Azneev found a wounded bird. She rescued the small creature and brought her home. She made a soft nest from twigs and grass and placed the bird in it. She cleaned the wound and wrapped a soft cloth around the bird to keep her warm. Everyday, Azneev fed the bird grains and water. Gradually the bird’s wing healed and one day she flew away. Azneev was both gladdened and sad. She was happy the bird was able to heal and return to her natural habitat. She was sad to lose such a good companion who she could care for tenderly.

    After three days, the bird returned and perched on Azneev’s kitchen table. She chirped excitedly and left a seed on the table and flew away. Azneev was thrilled to see her friend again even if it was for such a short visit. She noticed the seed. With all the chirping and hopping the bird did, Azneev understood that she was trying to communicate something to her. After saying her prays, she had a thought that the bird left the seed for her to plant. Perhaps the seed was the bird’s gift to Azneev. She felt a a reassuring certainty that she should plant the seed and wait patiently. She prepared a nice pot with good earth and planted the seed with a gentle prayer. She also thanked the bird for her precious gift and prayed that God always protect the bird.

    After some time, the seed sprouted and gradually grew into a beautiful plant. Azneev regularly watered the plant and sang beautiful songs and soothing lullabys. She decorated the pot with pretty wild flowers and colorful designs. The plant gave golden flowers. At first, Azneev thought that they were only colored golden. But on close examination she was shocked to see that the flowers were really made of precious gold. They shined brilliantly and illuminated the house day and night. Azneev understood that the bird thanked for her loving care by blessing her with unlimited wealth. Soon the word spread throught the town. Many people came to see the miraculous plant. Azneev was very generous with her new found wealth. She gave almost everything
    away in charity to the needy and for worthy causes. Azneev did not change her life style or her attitude. She remained humble
    and pure of heart without any trace of pride or arrogance. She continued to pray everyday and thanked God for her blessings.

    Azneev had a neighbor called Jealous, who observed the good fortune of Azneev and became determined to get the same blessings. Jealous was not religious. She was greedy. She often spoke harshly and often mistreated people. One day, Jealous set a clever bird trap with the hope that the bird that blessed Azneev would get caught in it. The unthinkable happened. The same bird was caught in Jealous’s trap. Jealous purposely broke the bird’s wing and then made a soft nest of twigs and grass for the bird. She cleaned the wound and wrapped it with a soft cloth and fed the bird gains and water everyday.

    Jealous’s only purpose was to obtain riches. She had no love or genuine feeling for the bird. She never prayed not sang for the bird. She was blatantly self-interested. The bird eventually healed and flew away. After three days, she flew back to Jealous’s kitchen and left a seed. Jealous planted the seed and waited with great anticipation. The plant grew and eventually gave fruits.
    But the fruits were live scorpions that crawled all over Jealous’s house and bit her every chance they could. Jealous ran away from that house and never returned.

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  • There was once a very pious woman named Ahzneev (Good or noble). She was a widow. Ahzneev worked very hard but never was able to amass much money. She lived humbly and always prayed that God be kind to her. She was very kind herself. Once she found a bird that had injured its wing and suffered painfully. The bird could not fly due to its injury. Ahzneev adopted the bird and cleaned its wound and covered the cut with a piece of cloth. She made a soft nest with grass and other natural plant material so that the bird could rest in a natural surrounding. Ahzneev read the sacred prayers of Narekgatzi, the renowned Armenian priest who prayed for cure and salvation”

    Dearest Lord of Lords, Blessed Son of God Almighty.
    The Lamb of Suffering who will free me of misery
    I pray to You in my distress bowed in all humility
    You are my only hope for grace and sanctity

    My body is a mass of disease beyond any hope of cure
    I beg you to heal my sore soul with your hand so pure
    I cry out to you Lord Jesus Christ in my time of need
    I pray in earnest for your blessings and sincerely plead

    In this bleak world, but for you, there’s no hope for salvation
    Save me Oh Lord from the throes of eternal damnation
    You can deliver all your children from sickness and suffering
    As well as this little bird whose frail body is aching

    She fed the bird everyday and gradually the bird’s wound healed. One day the bird flew away.

    After some days the bird came back to Ahzneev. She gave Ahzneev three little seeds which she planted saying prayers of praise for the Lord. They gradually grew into a small trees that bore fruits made of pure gold. The poor woman became very rich. She plucked the fruits and gave praise to God. She used her wealth to serve the poor and help all creatures appreciate God’s goodness.

    Ahzneev had a neighbor named Nahkhantz (Jealous). She observed Ahzneev’s activities from the start.
    She set a trap and waited patiently until one day the bird was caught.
    She inflicted a wound to the bird’s wing and nursed it back to health and let it go. Nahkhantz never prayed to God nor did she act as a believer. She wanted only wealth for her selfish ends. The bird returned and gave her three seeds. Nahkhantz planted the seeds and waited expectantly. The little trees grew and bore fruits which were poisonous scorpions. The scorpions bit the jealous woman and she ran away in fright.

    God protects the devout whose hearts are clean
    Like the clear, fast waters of a mountain stream

    ahstavadz guh bahsbaneh ahnontz voronk mahkour seerd ounehn
    eenchbes vuhjeet chour guh hohsee sahree aghpourehn

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