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  • ohtzeen bahrgadz deghuh keedeh

    This implies that the person is very smart and has enhanced powers of perception

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  • khelatzeen jahr guh kutnah jahmpoun ahrkehlknehruh ahntznehl

    Khehlatzee aidzeeknehr
    Smart goats

    Two goats came from opposite directions and met headlong on a very narrow mountain path. On one side of the path was a perpendicular rock wall and the other side was a steep precipice that fell many hundreds of feet into a valley.
    Yehrgou aidzehr eerahrou hehnteebetzahn negh jahmpou muh vuhrah, vohroun mehg goghmuh lehr her, eesk moueess goghmuh khohr tzohr

    The path was so narrow that neither goat could pass without falling.
    Yehrgoukuh noueeyn ahdehn cheheen guhrnahr ahntzneel

    The goats stopped and looked at each other for a long time.
    Aidzehruh gahnk ahreen yehv yehgahrohrehn naiyehtzahn eerahrou

    Suddenly one of the goats bent down as if to sleep with its head and body reclined.
    Yehv ahhah aidzehrehn mehguh bahrgetzahv kehdnee vuhrah

    The second goat carefully stepped over the reclining goat.
    Then the reclining goat stood up and continued on its path.
    Moueess aidzuh uhzkoushoutiamp ahntzahv ahnohr vuhrahehn, eesk bahrgadz aidzuh dehghehn yehlahv yehv sahrounahgetz jahnpahn

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  • naiyeh vor eemashdoun uhllas, paiytz duhkehd yehrehvnahl sohrveh

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  • meenchev khelatzeen muhdadzeh khenteh keden gantzuhneh

    Becoming too intellectual and pondering unnecessary details will deflect one’s focus from getting a job done.

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  • Jarbigoutioun eh zoroutioun

    Once there was a community of rabbits and a lion that lived near them. The lion would always try and grab the rabbits to eat. The rabbits decided to make a deal with the lion. They approached him and offered to send him a live rabbit once a week to eat in return for him not to constantly hunting them. The lion agreed. The rabbits appointed one rabbit to approach the lion and surrender themselves to him for his food. The turn came for a certain rabbit who did not want to die. He devised a plan. He purposely was late for the appointment with the lion. When the rabbit arrived the lion was angry and asked, “Why are you late?” The rabbit replied, “Sir, there was danger on the road. ” “Oh, said the lion, “what danger?” “Sir,” said the rabbit, “there was another lion who insisted that he should eat me, but I protested that he cannot eat me, only you can eat me.” The lion became angry that another lion would dare eat his rabbit. He impatiently said, “Where is that rascal lion.” The rabbit said, “I’ll take you to the place where he stays.” They went together to a well in the deep forest. The rabbit pointed to the well and said, “Sir, he lives in that cave.” “Ah,” said the lion, “he has seen his last day.” He jumped up on the well and looked down to his reflection on the water at the bottom. He became angry thinking the the other lion was just staring at him, so he let out a roar and jumped to his death in the well.

    This is how intelligence can conquer over brute force. (jarbigoutioun eh zoroutioun or intelligence is strength)

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