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  • A girl was passing by a Muslim in deep prayer
    He glanced upon her with a menacing stare
    For no one should walk past one who prays
    It will disturb their moment of God praise

    Later when the girl returned the man chastened
    “You have no respect , your end you have hastened!”
    “What did I do,” said the girl astonished
    “Disturbed my prayer,” the Muslim admonished

    “Pray excuse me, I did not mean to disturb
    Nor in any way your prayer perturb
    What do you mean by prayer anyway
    Please, dear sir, instruct me the truth today.”

    “Prayer is thinking of God and nothing else!”

    “The thought of my lover was my only impulse
    I did not see you for my mindset
    But if you were in prayer how could I cause your upset!”

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