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  • chourehrneen mehg ahrou chehrtahr

    This saying indicates that two or more people are not united in solidarity.

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  • joghohvuhrtee tzaiynuh tuhntahnohrtee tzaiyneetz oujehgh eh

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  • The three bulls

    Three bulls were always together for safety and might.
    They always grazed in the same pasture day and night.
    They weren’t afraid of wolves, they were not shy to fight
    One day, however, they argued and one another did slight

    They each went their own way, no longer friends but foes
    Their unity was broken, they almost came to blows
    They forgot the true adage, United we stand, divided we fall
    A pack of wolves came, killed them one by one, ate them all

    The evil wolf came and smiled in delight.
    The bulls went apart from each other.
    Seeing the bulls each alone, the wolf easily killed them one by one and ate them.

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