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  • Once upon a time there was a rich family with seven sons. All the sons were married and lived in one house with their mother and father. Although they were rich, the big house always seemed to be disorganized and this caused everyone to feel unhappy. One day the youngest of the brides pleaded with her mother-in-law to give her the charge of household. The young girl worked hard to keep the entire household clean and orderly. Everyone felt happy to live in a freshly cleaned and well organized house.

    Two of the elder brothers were jealous of their youngest brother’s wife. They didn’t like her making rules for them and trying to enforce them. The young bride insisted that all the men bring home firewood every evening and place it neatly on the wood stack in the garden. The two jealous brothers found a large, black dead snake one day. They brought the snake back and threw it on the wood stack. They thought it would be an excellent way to scare the young bride and discourage her from continuing her management. But destiny is such that one cannot predict its course. A stork happened to fly near the wood stack. It saw the large snake. The stork happened to be wearing a precious and extremely valuable crown of jewels. The large bird swooped down, dropped the crown, picked up the snake and flew away.

    When the young bride went to inspect the wood stack, she saw the precious crown and immediately hid it. During the family dinner, the two jealous brothers expected to see the young bride come running disheveled and frightened. They were, however, disappointed when she entered the dining room calm and serene. They were not aware of what actually transpired.

    The next day, the young bride talked with her father-in-law. She gave him the precious crown. She suggested that he take it and give it as a gift to the king. If the king offered him a reward, she advised him to not accept anything in return. He followed the young bride’s advice. Gifted the crown to the king and refused any gifts in return for the precious crown.

    After some days, the king ordered seven mules to be loaded with gold and precious gifts and delivered to the home of the seven brothers. When the mules arrived with the royal tresures, the young bride refused to accept the gifts. But the royal guards insisted that the king had ordered them to deliver the gifts. They unloaded the mules and left the treasures at the doorstep of the seven brothers.

    When the family members saw the treasure, they were amazed and understood that something wonderful had occurred due to the expert advice of the young bride. They realized that she was
    talented and clever. She never revealed what really happened. But everyone accepted her household management after that because she was able to make a happy and prosperous home.

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