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  • ohreenahguh haantzankee (uhs)shtehbelou cheh

    Such a phrase would always proceed the statement of a gross example. It served as an apology before the gross statement.

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  • Voruhs nahyelove fahllus guh gartahss

    There was an Armenian fortune teller who could read dry coffee grinds left over in a cup of Turkish coffee. It was a regular Armenian pastime in my family for the adults to drink small cups of strong coffee and then let my mother’s aunt or Morkor read the phal (fortune).

    One day a friend came to see the fortune teller and complained about his hemorrhoids. The fortune teller suggested he apply coffee grinds on the hemorrhoids. Next day, the man came back to the fortune teller. He asked him if he could look at the way he applied the coffee grinds on his hemorrhoids and see if he did it properly. When the man took off his pants and bent over, the fortune teller looked. “What do you see?” the man asked him.

    The fortune teller said, “You are going on a long trip. You will meet someone and fall in love and gradually you will become rich.”

    The man was perplexed and said. I didn’t ask you to read my fortune. Just tell me if I applied the coffee grinds correctly on the hemorrhoids.”

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