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  • Dahshvadz kahruh kehdeenuh chee muhnahr

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  • Meg karov yerghou tuhrchoun zargav

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  • Varbedeen voruh ahl varbedeh

    A Kurdish gentleman brings his sword that was accidentally bent out of shape to an Armenian metal worker to repair. The Armenian metal worker takes the bent sword and gets up from his seat and places the sword under the pillow he is sitting on and again sits down. He tells the customer to come back in two hours and get his sword that will be straightened again. Two hours later the customer returns to the shop. He pays the metal worker the repair cost. The Armenian metal worker gets up from his sitting place and removes the sword from under his pillow and gives it back. The sword is like new again. Some time later the Kurdish gentleman bends his sword again. Instead of asking the Armenian to repair the sword the man places the sword under his pillow and sits tightly on it thinking wrongly that the metal craftsman was able to straighten out the sword previously by sitting on it. He hears a cracking sound. When he looks at the sword, he sees that it has cracked in half by his weight. He says in Turkish, ousdanun gotuh dah ousdah, the master’s (or metal workers) ass is more of a craftsman (then my ass) or in Armenian (varbedeen voruh ahl varbedeh).

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