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  • haiyour ahnkahm luhseh, hahzar ahnkahm muhdadzeh, megh ahnkam khoseh

    Careful consideration of facts by listening attentively, deep thought on the points that were heard, will help one give an informed response. Speaking in a fit of passion before such careful consideration often leads to a mistake and will require an apology for saying something that is either ill-informed or abusive to the feelings of others. The truth should be spoken in a palatable way that does not hurt the feelings of others.
    Such delivery of the truth has a good chance to be accepted and can uplift the hearer.

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  • Archevit abourut gher

    In other words, pay attention to the task in front of you and don’t let your mind wander to unrelated things. Alternately, this proverb means “Take care of your family affairs and don’t get mixed up in other things.”

    There was a man who was very pious, but also inattentive. He never sinned consciously, but his mind would often wander and remain oblivious. After death, he approached the doors of heaven. He was told by the angels that the doors only opened at irregular intervals. He would have to wait until the next time they would open to enter the gates of the heavenly kingdom.

    He waited attentively for a long time, but his old habit of not concentrating plagued him. He fell asleep and dreamed many wondrous things. During his dreams he heard a very loud sound and woke up. It was the doors of heaven opening and closing that awoke him. He missed his opportunity to enter the gates and again was obliged to wait. He is still waiting because he just cannot concentrate on his real objective.

    Successful persons are able to fix their minds on a goal. They organize their time and activities to achieve the desired goal. I once met a very elderly man as I walked on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California. Whenever I see an elderly person I try to make their acquaintance and learn from them. This man was ninety six years old. He was an Assyrian born in the ancient own of Mosul in Northern Iraq. After some time I asked him if he could give me some advice that would be of value for my life. He looked at me and asked, “Do you know how to climb a mountain?” As I had never done that before, I said no. He said, “The secret to climbing a mountain is always keeping your eyes on the summit. Never look down because you might get dizzy or faint and fall. Always keep your eyes on the top of the mountain and you’ll succeed in climbing it.” This advice was especially important for me. I thanked him heartily and felt that the time I spent with him was well worth it.

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