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  • pahreen vor chee leenehr, chahruh ahskhahruh guh kahntehr

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  • Good character, good deeds, live without stain
    Blessed by such virtue, honor you’ll gain

    Practice virtue and for goodness strive
    Your days will be blessed and you will thrive

    Do good deeds then throw them in the ocean
    Seek not praise, know God sees your devotion

    The effort to have purity of mind,
    Is well worth the hard endeavor and time

    A clean mind will inspire one to do good deeds
    Such virtue in life will guarantee one succeeds

    Good deeds should always be begun and done
    Vice is a behavior that one should shun

    Lust, anger, envy and foul speech
    Will keep a pure mind out of your reach

    If you make good deeds your daily diet
    Noise of bad thoughts in the mind will quiet

    Virtue gives birth to joyful delight
    That makes your future serene and bright

    Do not put off doing a good deed
    It will help you when you are in need

    For goodness engenders goodness and cheer
    For the pure of heart, gentle and sincere

    What value of practicing virtue each day?
    You’ll be honored and loved when your hair turns gray!

    When you die and leave this dark world
    Your good name will remain, your glories unfurled

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  • Virtue - ahrahkeenoutioun

    What value is knowledge of things that be
    If we ignore our brothers’ misery
    Seeing the hungry, we should share our food
    Dedicate our life to virtue and good

    Eat not creatures with eyes and family
    Refrain from flesh and treat all lovingly
    Practice always minimal violence
    Be ever a beacon of tolerance

    Empathy guides us to the golden rule
    Live by compassion and love, be not cruel
    Do unto others as you want them to you
    Throughout your life all goodness will accrue

    You know well how much trouble mean men make
    Cause no pain to others for your own sake
    Plant many seeds of compassion with love
    Live always in peace like a gentle dove

    With honesty learn that life comes from life
    All misery is born from bitter strife
    Celebrate blessings of gentle living
    Walk the path of affectionate giving

    Virtuous behavior reveals the just
    To whom the good give their unflinching trust
    Behave impartially with friend and foe
    Later you might need them, you never know

    We are linked all in one big family
    God the pure father is our ancestry
    Brothers and sisters inhabit the same tree
    May we now live forever peacefully

    Men of Virtue hear the words of the wise
    Cherishing goodness and seeing through lies
    They live honestly with no ruse or guise
    The path of virtue is their greatest prize

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  • pareek tehm pareek ahmen martoun kordz
    chareek tehm pareek ahzneev martou kordz

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