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  • A lion, wolf and fox became brothers and went off to hunt together. They killed a ram, a sheep and a baby lamb. Before dinner, the lion said to the wolf.

    “Divide the spoils of the hunt for us.”

    The wolf said.

    “Oh Lion king, God has already divided it for us. The ram is yours, the sheep mine and the lamb is for the fox.”

    The lion became enraged and gave such a blow to the snout of the wolf that the wolf’s eyes burst out of their sockets.
    The wolf was thrown violently down and yelped and cried in agony.

    Now the lion addressed the fox..

    “Divide the spoils.”

    “Oh Lion king, God has already divided it,” said the fox. The ram is your dinner, the sheep your breakfast and the lamb your lunch.”

    The lion said.

    “Oh wise fox, who taught you to divide the spoils in such an equitable way?”

    The fox replied.

    “I learned from the eyes of the wolf that were beaten out of their sockets.”

    This is a fable by Vartan Ayhkegtzee (1170-1235).

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