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  • Keechov kohatzoghuh shaduh guh kuhtneh

    There is wisdom in self control. Limitless desires cause unending misery. Most of us do not really know what we need. We desire things that are not necessary and obtaining them complicates our life so that our attention is diverted from what is essential. Even if we obtain many things, we are never really satisfied.

    What is more detrimental: never being satisfied with more and more accumulated things, or being satisfied with little?

    Little means the essential things in life, respect for family, good relationships, minimum material needs and maximum time for spiritual inquiry and sharing love with others.

    A drowning man screamed for help. A man approached in a row boat and offered him two tickets to a rock concert, a free ticket for a dinner at Denny’s, an airline ticket for a vacation in Mexico, etc. The drowning man refused his kind gifts and begged him,

    “Please lift me out of the water to the safety of your boat.”

    The drowning man knew exactly what was most essential for him and asked for it without being deviated by useless things. We are all drowning in the ocean of old age, disease and death, but we cannot see what we really want for our ultimate good. We clutter our life with so many useless things that divert our attention from the real purpose of life.

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