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  • ohtzeen bahrgadz deghuh keedeh

    This implies that the person is very smart and has enhanced powers of perception

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  • Ohtzuh ahmehn degh dzour guh kahleh, eehr pouhnuh shidahk

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  • otzuh otz eh neh mahrtoun chour khuhmahdz ahdehnuh chee khaiytehr

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  • Otzuh eer shabiguh guh poghkeh, puhnoutyounuh chee poghkheer

    There was a saintly yogi sitting on the bank of the Ganges meditating next to a tree. A scorpion climbed up the tree out on a branch and fell into the river. The saint quickly jumped into the river and rescued the scorpion. As he placed the scorpion on dry land, it bit his hand. The saint tolerated the bite and returned to his seat.

    After some time the scorpion again climbed the tree and fell off the branch. Again the saint rescued him from drowning and as he placed the scorpion on dry land, it bit him. An onlooker approached the saint, “Baba, why do you go on saving the life of that ungrateful creature?”

    “Dear friend, the nature of the scorpion is to bite and the nature of a saint is to be merciful. He cannot change his nature and I cannot change mine.”

    Spiritual goodness can change the hearts of honest and humble people who ask for forgiveness and follow good advice. As concerns envious people who are addicted to sinful activities, it is almost impossible for them to avail themselves of the blessing of saintly people. They close themselves off to the blessing by their stubborn behavior. Genuine saints are always available and ready to shower the goodness of God’s grace on all kinds of people regardless of their fallen nature if only they are willing to accept.

    Snakes are considered especially envious creatures because it is not possible to train them to be domesticated like dogs or cats. In fact, feeding them regularly (like offering milk) only increases their venom. Breaking their fangs, draining venom, and destroying their ability to deliver venom can render them almost harmless. But their nature to bite and harm cannot be changed.

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