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  • mee ahntzeer ahkhaghin gamurchhen
    togh hegheghuh dani kez
    mee nishdheer soukehn aghvessin
    togh ahroudzuh oudeh kez

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  • Often when one is alive they are not appreciated and perhaps shunned. But, when they die, many people come to praise the departed. “Oh, he was such a nice person. He will be missed. We love him, etc.” When the person was alive, no one appreciated his work. Now that the person is dead, everyone comes out of the woodwork to express their love and appreciation.

    There was a man who died. A doctor was called who upon examining the man declared him dead. A funeral procession was organized and many mourners came. On the way to the crematorium the dead man came back to life, sat up on his funeral cot and asked, “What’s going on? Where are you taking me?”

    A doctor stepped forward and said, “You are dead. I examined you and verified you died.”

    The man looked confused and replied, “How can that be when I am talking to you now.”

    A local politician stepped forward and began to speak, “Ladies and gentlemen, we need to take a vote to determine the truth. I suggest a secret ballot.”

    A vote was organized and the outcome showed that more people thought he was dead than alive. He was forcibly restrained and the procession continued to the crematorium where the man was cremated. After the cremation there was a long eulogy where many people spoke about the good nature of the departed.

    “Kenah mereer, yegour seerem - go and die, (come back) I’ll love you.”

    This story also suggests how unpredictable things happen when scientists (the doctor) and politicians put their heads together to get things done. In this story, only one man is killed, but, in reality, when scientists and politicians work hand in hand many millions of people die. This has happened in the USA.

    The doctors and scientists falsely claimed that a fetus is not really a person in the womb of a mother. The politicians used this false definition of personhood to craft a law permitting abortion.

    Since Roe vs. Wade, over 1,000,000 little Americans have been mercilessly murdered. There are many other examples of the cruelty of scientists and politicians working in tandem.

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