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  • Suffering is due to sinful acts
    These are caused by a lack of facts
    Ignorance is the enemy
    That shrouds the mind in obscurity

    Those who do not know what is what
    sinfully fall into a hopeless rut
    A child may put his hand in a fire
    Unwitting he’s blistered like a roasted fryer

    The fire is impartial, makes no exceptions
    Innocent or guilty are not considerations
    Due to our ignorance we act in foolish ways
    But nature unyielding scolds flesh in the blaze

    Who is there that knows how the world is working
    Who is its controller and how it is functioning?
    In darkness we ply the vast ocean of life
    Tossed by the waves of ignorance and strife

    To gain release from suffering and pangs
    Is possible in the human form, not in the body of fangs
    For the laws of nature are strict without excuse
    they act blindly to put us in an unrelenting noose

    We must choose our course of action prudently
    Lest nature’s laws bind us to suffering eternally
    We must understand what to do and what not to do
    To be free of karma’s cauldron of reactive stew

    Through knowledge we can gain release from suffering
    By three stages of spiritual understanding
    First, to know our body is not our true identity
    Second, we are a pure spiritual soul apart from the body
    Third, our soul is the eternal servant of God for eternity

    Forgetful of our relationship with the Supreme Lord
    We selfishly work to enjoy a sensual reward
    The Lord has given us scriptures for knowledge
    To free us from the throes of karma’s binding sludge

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  • mahrtuh chee guhrtzahv huhmaiyn deeehzehrkuh uhmpernehl
    pohrtzetch aiyn pahtzadrehlou hahmahr buhzdeektznehl

    Once an illumined sage was lying down on the side of a country road. He was fallen in a state of ecstatic contemplation of love of God. Not longer aware of his immediate surrounding, he was swooning in his meditative thoughts of love.

    A day laborer walked by and noticed the man. He thought, “This worker is a lazy fool. Instead of sleeping at night and working hard during the day, he is sleeping on the job and will probably get fired by his employer.” He felt disdain for the sleeping man and a snug pride that he was so much more serious and attentive to his own obligations as a hard worker.

    Soon after, a drunkard rambled by and noticed the sage. He mumbled, “I can hold my drink and walk straight. I am not going to fall down in the street like you.” He continued his meandering stroll content with his self declared prowess.

    Another sage walked by and recognized that the man lying on the roadside was a great saint in a state of deep contemplation. He sat down and prayed intensely waiting patiently.

    Thus, our parochial mindset often prevents us from understanding our observations correctly due to projecting our own limitations on what we see.

    Can a frog in a small well understand the expansive breath of the ocean? Can the blind man understand the brilliance of the sun at high noon or the myriad hues of a spectacular sunset?

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