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  • ayp, phen, keem giahnken eh unkeen

    (This is a poetic way to memorize the Armenian alphabet.)

    The first three letters are

    ayp, phen, keem
    ayp, phen, keem giahnken eh unkeen
    means a, p, soft k, - life is invaluable (or precious)
    giahnken (life ) eh (is) unkeen (invaluable or without a price)

    tah, yetch, zah
    tah (soft t), yetch ( y), zah (z) sehrheht zarmahtzah
    soft t, y, z - I was amazed by (the depth) of your love
    sehrheht (means by your love) zarmahtzah (I was amazed)

    eh, ut, tau
    eh, ut, tau tahnuh tuthou khosguh goudzou
    a(as in hay), ut, tau (like in toe) tahnuh(meaning the yogurt drink) tuthou (sour) khosguh (speech) goudzou (literally means hot or spicy and implies harsh)

    jeh, eenee, lioun
    jeh( soft j), eenee (e), lioun (l) hohkeet mishst pieloun
    j, e, l - your soul is always bright and shiny.
    hohkeet means soul, mishst (always) pieloun ( bright or shiny)

    kheh, dzah, ghen
    kheh, dzah, ghen dzahreen boudough goudhen
    The kheh sound does not exist in the English alphabet but the sound is made by opening your mouth and trying to clear your throat of mucus and breathing out as you do it.
    It is a guttural open mouthed sound that sounds like you are clearing the throat.
    The dzah is formed by putting your tongue right behind your clenched front teeth and pronouncing dz as you slightly open your
    your teeth. gehn is a g.
    dzahren (means the tree), boudough ( means fruits) goudehn ( means eat)

    hoh, tzah, ghad

    hoh, tzah, ghad ahstdvadz eh hahrahzahd
    ahstdvadz (means God) eh (is) hahrahzahd (means pure or true)
    the ghad sound is a deep guttural sound you make in your throat. It is like ghuhhhh

    jeh, mehn, heeh

    jeh, mehn, heeh jehrmahg mouguh guh vahzee
    jehrmahg (means white) mouguh (the rat) guh vahzee (runs)

    nah, sheh, vehv

    nah, sheh, vehv shounuh vohghohv nahyetz

    shounuh (The dog) vohghohv (angrily) nahyetz (looked on)

    chah, beh, cheh

    chah, beh, cheh chahruh chohreen bohchuh puhrnetz

    chahruh (The bad one) chohreen (the mule’s) bohchuh (tail) puhrnetz (grabbed)

    rah, seh, vehv

    rah, seh, vehv soourpuh rahzmi vahzetz
    soourpuh (the saint) rahzmi (war or battle) vahzetz (ran toward)

    deehoun, reh, tzoh

    deehoun, reh, tzoh doukhur eh tzahov
    doukhur (sad) eh (he is) tzahov (he is sad with pain)

    hioun piour, keh, oh, feh

    hioun piour, keh, oh, feh hampiour kez seerehlees
    hampiour (kiss) kez (you) seerehlees (my dear)

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