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  • ounaiyn pahnehrou ahgahnj mee gakhehk

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  • agancheen megehn guh muhneh, mouishen gehleh

    One does not have a mind to listen to good advice.

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  • Shad luhsheh, ketch khoseh

    There is another version of this proverb.

    hazar luhsheh meg khouseh, hazar khoreh meg kordzeh
    Listen a thousand times, speak only once
    think a thousand times before you do something

    (Listen a thousand times, but speak only once and think a thousand times (before) you do something (act on your thoughts) once).

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  • Ov vor Ahganch ouneh togh luhseh

    This is a biblical quote of Jesus. There is a paradox in this phrase because everyone has ears including the animals. The point Jesus is making is that those persons who want to hear or whose ears are interested in this subject should hear. Although everyone has ears, not everyone is interested in the message of God or, in general, spiritual wisdom. Understanding the value of such instruction is crucial for lending one’s ears to hear from a teacher.

    But if someone is not interested, there is a saying in Armenian that describes them,

    “Kani khuhrad dvi shounuh yotha janjeh gehlletz” while I gave so many instructions (so much wisdom), the dog (not paying attention) swallowed eight flies (while yawning)

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