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  • Ahngahjeen yedevuh chi desnelh

    This proverb can be expressed in another way: angahjeen yedevuh desnaneh, ayid panuh chi gernarh deshnarh - Even if he sees behind his eye, he cannot see that particular thing.

    This proverb points to the limitations of perception due not only to our imperfect senses but also because of a personal attachment that obstructs our ability to see objectively. For example, when I close my eyelid I cannot see the eyelid although it is so close to my eye. This is due to imperfect senses. However, due to family affection or attachment, we may sometimes not see the faults in our family members or loved ones that cause tremendous harm. We are unable to see objectively due to the attachment.

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  • Ahsank al khent pan Gullah?

    Hovhness Toumanian has written a lovely short poem about the erratic weather patterns of the month of May.

    Ays khent amsoun mard guhsen
    They call this crazy month May

    Hankeest chouneenk yeresen
    We are not comfortable for it

    Aysor ourakh, mehghum oree
    Today a happy, mild day

    Vaghuh aghmouk pothorik
    Tomorrow thunder and a storm

    Ardounganough baidzar ot
    Early morning a bright clear day

    Jashou moot eh antzehervo
    By lunch it is dark and rainy

    Or muh eench tsourd, or muh dahk
    One day so cold, one day hot

    Hoss patts, eeshk hon ambi dak
    (The sky) open here, and there cloudy

    hoss guh khuntah, hohn gouh lah
    Here (the sky) laughs, and there it cries

    Ahsank ahl khent pan guhlah?
    Do such crazy things happen (normally)?

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