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  • ashkhahruh yehrgou sahntoukhee nuhmahn eh, mehguh vehr, moueesuh vahr gehrtah

    In this proverb, the staircase represents the possibility of either going up or down in terms of morality, one’s ability to love, understanding God and the human destiny of self realization and one’s resolve to serve God and spread love and peace in this world.

    Each human is endowed with limited free will. Either we can choose to serve God or serve our own whims for self gratification. We may compare our exercise of free will to driving a car. If we choose to follow all the rules of driving like respecting the speed limit, stop signs, etc., we can drive along any road to our desired destination. If we are irresponsible or negligent and break the rules, then our freedom of movement and choice will be curtailed. Following the rules protects our freedom of choice and breaking them can limit it to the point that we can barely exercise it.

    Going up the staircase means living a godly life by which we gradually approach the eternal kingdom of God. Going down the staircase means living an ungodly life by ignoring the instructions of scripture and descending into hellish life.

    It is easier and more wise to follow the rules than to break them. In the least, one will have more freedom of choice and less stress in life.
    Breaking the rules results in limitation of freedom of choice and continual complications and anxiety. Learning to make good choices in life according to scriptural advice will free us from unnecessary trouble and convince us of the value of following the wisdom God gives us.

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  • Chapavor abrehreer yehrchaneek yegheer

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  • Life comes and goes like a dream
    As straw we flow down its stream
    Birth, old age, disease and death
    Scared, we gasp for our last breath

    Body is the cause of sickness and sin
    We must look rather for the truth within
    To understand the grim nature of life
    We must be free of illusion and strife

    A lady kept a chicken in a coop
    Polished the metal but fed it no soup
    Proud, she had the most shiny chicken wire
    But the chicken ignored had to expire

    Please the body while ignoring the soul
    Like keeping your head buried in a hole
    The body is dead but it looks alive
    Without sweet love the soul cannot survive

    The soul intangible exists for real
    Right before death it can still cry and feel
    Like a traveler stays in a hotel
    For only a short time and says farewell

    Wake up dear friend your death is very near
    We dare not waste our time year after year
    Love of God will teach us how to love others
    In life or death, with love, we’ll be brothers

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