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  • bohrdut deghuh eengahv?

    Literally this saying means, “Did it fall on your belly button?” It conveys the sense
    “Did you get what you wanted?” “Are you happy?”

    In the folklore of many countries, the belly button is symbolic of satisfaction because it is the remains of the tube that nourished the child in the mother’s womb.

    The navel is considered as a skin area of heightened sensitivity. When gently touched it may result in sensations of pleasure. In the Song of Solomon, a book in the Hebrew Bible, there are allusions to exotic things in nature, with frequent interweaving of nature with erotic imagery. In Solomon’s lavish praise of his love – the country girl, Sulaimi – the navel is mentioned as follows: “thy navel is like a round goblet, which wanteth not liquor”

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  • ahmbuh chee kohral

    This saying is used to indicate that a person is satisfied. It is most often used to indicate that one’s hunger is satiated. Another way to say this is “He is no longer hungry - goushd eh.”

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  • ohv keetchohv koh cheh, sahdov ahl koh cuhllahr

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