• Aesop (c600 BC) said: “We hang the petty thieves, but appoint the great ones to public office.”

    buhzdeek khoghehruh guh gaghenk, medzehruh taghahgan guh puhnargehnk

    (buhzdeek khoghehruh guh gaghen, medzehruh guh hahrkehn -
    Little thieves are hanged and the great ones respected)

  • A fish begins to stink from its head down

    tzouguh kuhloughehn eh hohdee

    This is a very interesting proverb that applies to political reality.
    A society or organization begins a downward spiral when the leaders become corrupt and
    gradually the corruption spreads down through the entire society. This proverb says a
    fish begins to stink from the head down. If the leaders of the society are not honest,
    their example affects the entire population.

    When ordinary citizens hear about the misconduct of their leaders, they use this saying to express their exasperation (or disgust).
    “What can you do with these politicians. A fish begins to stink from the head down.”

  • He has as much of a brain as a chicken, yet he has become an elected official (in our town)

    Havou chap khelk ounee, yelehlreh taghagan eh yehgher

    There is another Armenian proverb that expresses the same idea of deficient intelligence,

    “Yoteh ehssou chup khelk ounee” – he has the brains of seven asses put together.