• He eats his own buggers (because he is so stingy)

    keentehn tzoghuh goudeh

  • The person who calculates to the penny the amount of garlic to buy cannot make good soup

    suhghdohreh hahseev uhnoghuh kahsht cheeguhrnahr oudehl

    In order to make something very tasty and nutritious, one should not be stingy about using good ingredients. Otherwise, the end result will be a mediocre dish.

    Kahsht is a soup made with a goat’s head and feet. It is disgusting. However, in eastern Turkey and parts of the Caucasian mountains, some perople (Armenians included) consider it a delicacy. The soup is simmered with the animal parts for at least 24 hours. Its horrible smell pervades the entire village.In the early morning people come with their bowls to taste the kahsht soup during the cold season. In order to mask the horrible taste of the animal parts, a large amount of garlic is used as a seasoning. You could say that kahsht is a garlic soup with severed limbs of an animal in it. It can contain brown lentils and other herbs and vegetables.

  • To ask a favor from a miser is like trying to make a hole in the water

    ahkahehn pahn ouzehluh, chouree metch dzahg pohrehl eh

  • To ask a favor from a miser is like trying to make a hole in water.

    aghkahdeen ohknoutioun bahhanchell guh nuhmanee portz uhnehl kehdeen choura dzagehl

  • If one poor man becomes rich, then the other poor must have good shoes to last a very long time.

    aghkaduh yeteh hahroustanah, charough behdkeh vor teemahnah

    This proverbs conveys the idea that poor people who become rich are often not very generous or kind-hearted.
    Therefore, those who remain poor must have shoes that last a long time because they will have a hard getting any handouts
    from the newly rich who often say no to requests for help.

    Charough is a shoe made of special very long lasting materials. It is made with thick soles of buffalo hide and the rest of the shoe is made with cow hide.

  • Tasty, eatable greens don’t grow in the shade of walnut trees

    Uhngouzeen dzareen dag chitil chi poushneel

    One should not expect any help from rich people who are greedy and conceited just as eatable greens don’t grow under walnut trees which are full of nuts.

  • What is the difference between an ungracious rich man and a poor man (Both have nothing to give)

    kout chounehtzogh haroustdeen
    eench eh darperoutioun ahghkadeen

  • Don’t cross over the bridge that belongs to the miser better be drowned by the fast current of the river don’t dare sit in the shade of a fox better let yourself be eaten by the fierce tiger

    mee ahntzeer ahkhaghin gamurchhen
    togh hegheghuh dani kez
    mee nishdheer soukehn aghvessin
    togh ahroudzuh oudeh kez