• Alive, he had no underwear; dead he had a temple over his grave.

    Voghck jahmahnaguh vahrdik chounehr, mehrahv neh dahjahr sheenetzeen kehrezmaheen vuhrah

  • He steals at night and the next day he says “God have mercy on us!”

    keehsehruh koghoutioun eh ahnoum, tzehreguh “dehr voghormia” eh ahssoum

  • His wife doesn’t even have underwear, yet he walks around with henna on his head

    Yaruh vardik chigah, kehloughuh ehrehhen eh khotel

    Trying to pretend to be rich when one does not even have the bare necessities of life is foolishness. Why would a man spend money to color his hair with henna if his wife doesn’t have underwear.

    The English proverb says, “Never feast on borrowed money.”