• The angry one always ends up sorry

    pahrgahtzogh ahntzuh mishst vuhnahssohv gou kah

  • The cleaver fox stepped into the trap with two feet

    khohramahng ahghvehssuh yehrgou vohdkohv eh tahgahrtuhn uhnguhnoum

    Sometimes people are so cleaver that they become overconfident and as if they can make no mistake. With such a mindset, they get caught
    in a trap or a compromising situation.

  • When he speaks, poison flows from his mouth

    khosahdz jahmahnak pehrnehn touyeen guh hohsee

  • There are words that can open a fragrant rose, and there are words that can open an old sore

    khosgehr gahn vahrtehr guh pahnahn, khosgehr ahl gahn vehrkehr

  • If you set fire to your house, it won’t smell like freshly baked bread

    douhnuh vahrehss hahtzee hohd chee kah

    Arguing among family members will not result in something good.

  • What is money? Only a dirty stain on your hand. It’s here today, gone tomorrow.

    poghuh eench eh? tzehree geghd. aiysohr gah, vaghuh chee gah.

  • Money in the bank raises one’s rank

    poghee kuhssahguh pahrtzuhrahnoum eh mahrtou hahsssahg

  • You saw a dusty man. Did you think he was a miller?

    pohsseeohd dehssahr. chaghahssbahn gahrehtzeer?

    Mistaking a dusty man for a miller implies that one is deceived by the external appearance of a person.

  • Take thorns out one by one

    pouhssuh mehg mehg guh hahnehn

    Difficult problems should be dealt with one at a time.

  • A new endeavor is not always risky

    pohrtzuh, pohrtzahnk cheh

  • The advice of an experienced person is more valuable than his weight in gold

    pohrtzahrou mahrtoun khuhrahduh ahvelhlee dzahnuhr eh kahn vohssgee

  • The hunted crys “God help Me,” and so does the hunter.

    paghchoghuh ahl “Ohv ahstvahdz” guh gahncheh, hahlahdzoghuh ahl.

    (The one being pursued calls “God help me,” and so does the pursuer)

  • When vinegar is too acrid, it perforates its container

    kahtzakhuh yehrp pahrg eh, eehr ahmahnuh guh dzahgeh

    When vinegar is very acidic and has a harsh taste, the acidity may eventually make little holes its its container.
    Similarly, when a person is too acrid (bitter, harsh or unpleasant), they can destroy a relationship. In Armenian “pahrg”
    means sour, tart or acrid.

  • “One does not search for a calf under an ox.” (an ox refers to a “castrated adult bull.)

    yehzahn dahg hohrt chee puhnduhrehl

    One can also translate this proverb as “One does not find a calf under an ox.”
    This proverb conveys the meaning of seeking something in the wrong place or engaging in useless labor.

  • First water your garden before you water another

    nahgh koh aiykeen chureh, hehdoh ouhreessheenuh

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