• He eats his own buggers (because he is so stingy)

    keentehn tzoghuh goudeh

  • The person who calculates to the penny the amount of garlic to buy cannot make good soup

    suhghdohreh hahseev uhnoghuh kahsht cheeguhrnahr oudehl

    In order to make something very tasty and nutritious, one should not be stingy about using good ingredients. Otherwise, the end result will be a mediocre dish.

    Kahsht is a soup made with a goat’s head and feet. It is disgusting. However, in eastern Turkey and parts of the Caucasian mountains, some perople (Armenians included) consider it a delicacy. The soup is simmered with the animal parts for at least 24 hours. Its horrible smell pervades the entire village.In the early morning people come with their bowls to taste the kahsht soup during the cold season. In order to mask the horrible taste of the animal parts, a large amount of garlic is used as a seasoning. You could say that kahsht is a garlic soup with severed limbs of an animal in it. It can contain brown lentils and other herbs and vegetables.

  • One cheek (or half the face) of a beggar is blackened, Both cheeks (or the whole face) of one who refuses to give (is blackened)

    ouzogheen megk yeressuh sev
    cheeduhvogheen yergou yeressuh