• It tore his butt apart

    vohruh (hehdouhkuh) bahduhretz

    When someone out of envy expends a lot of energy and time to undo someone else, but fails, this saying is used to indicate their depicable failure.

    vohr is the Turkish word for anus and hehdouhk is the Armenian word.

  • He ate bread made of stone and died

    Kari hatz oudelhen mahhatzav

    This proverb is used when someone blames their failure on a baseless reason.

  • The orphan went out on the full moon night to steal, but the unfortunate wretch was attacked by a bear (and ran back empty handed and frightened)

    Vorpuh koghoutyan kahtzhereh, lousenghan eerougunuh archmuh khejin vruhah hartzaghereh

    This proverb expresses failure and unsuccessful endeavor especially when the endeavor is ill motivated.