• Great minds discuss ideas. Ordinary minds discuss events. Small minds gossip about others

    mehdz mudavohrner khaghapar guh veejhen,
    sorvoragahn martik ohrvah yeghahdzner,
    buhzdik martik oureesh martotz kuhteerner

  • When (a rumor is) spoken mouth to mouth, it becomes a big deal( literally a big beam)

    perneh perahn guhlah keran

    As a rumor is spread mouth to mouth it evolves in exaggerations and becomes much more or different than the actual truth. The word “keran” in Armenian means a beam, post, stake or rafter. In other words something big. Rumors tend to evolve into something much more than the truth.

  • Stay far away from the wicked (gossipy) tongue don’t make it a intimate part of the family the dog that brings bones from outside will take bones he finds at home away

    hehrou bahheh chahralehzoun
    mee uhnehr zahyn uhndahnee
    shounuhn vor vosghor guh pereh doun
    dounen vosghor guh danee

    It is wise not to gossip about others or speak badly of anyone especially amongst family members.
    You never know who will spread such words to others. When gossip becomes a habit, it can go both ways (in the family and outside the family).
    Like the dog that brings stranger’s bones (or gossip) home, the same dog will carry away the bones (gossip) he gets in the house and leaves it with strangers.