• Every trying experience is a lesson. The experiences will never end, nor will the lessons to be learned.

    Ahmehn pohrtzank mehg khuhrahd eh, votch pohrtzank guh vehrchanah, votch khuhraduh

  • Only once does the fox sit on thorns

    Ahlvehssuh pousheen vuhrah mehg ahnkam guh nuhsdee

  • A polished stone will not remain on the ground

    Dahshvadz kahruh kehdeenuh chee muhnahr

  • The old bull makes the straight furrow.

    dzehr yehzuhn eh vor sheedahg ahgos guh pahnah

    The old bull makes the straight furrow.

  • One flower doesn’t herald spring

    Meg dzahgheekov karoun chi car

    One flower doesn’t mean spring has arrived.

  • He grew up and has acquired experience along the way

    Medztzav, medzahtzav

    This proverb is used for people who have come to prominence or new found wealth. Their experience along the way to success was rife with problems and pains that they were able to get past or solve and in the process became very sober and experienced.

  • He drinks the cold yogurt drink by blowing on it

    Tahnuh puhchelov guh khehmeh

    This proverb implies that one is very doubtful of an outcome and has become overly cautious. The example of blowing on a cold yogurt drink to cool it before drinking expresses this doubtful caution. A person who has burned his tongue drinking hot milk will cautiously blow on even cold milk before drinking it remembering the unpleasant experience of previously drinking hot milk thinking it was cold and burning the tongue. The English proverb says, “Once burned, twice shy.”