• Everyone else’s wheat grows straight, but they say mine is crooked

    ouhreesnehroun ahrduh tzahnahdzuh seedahk guh pouhssnee, eemeenuhs eepuhrteh dzour guh pouhssnee

  • Your rail bares my heart’s hidden nail

    Pahnuh guh hahneh seerdeen kahmuh

  • He is looking for a hair inside the egg

    Havgeetin metch maz guh puhndehreh

    There are always envious people who try to find fault with honest persons. They are characterized as trying to find a hair in an egg. There are no hairs inside an egg.

    There were two friend discussing the recent appointment of a third friend to a prestigious judgeship. One said, “Isn’t it wonderful that our friend has been appointed to such an important position.”

    The second said, “I think he was appointed because he agreed not to take a salary.” The envious friend tried to belittle the significance of the friend’s appointment by speculating that he was appointed only because he agreed to work for no salary. This, of course, was not true. The friend was made a judge because of his exceptional qualification.