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  • pride

    • Lest the arrow forget

      “Guardians of the heavens, look at my flying so high”
      Said the arrow as it whizzed through the blue sky
      “I am now a denizen of your heavenly spheres”
      A bird said, “That is true, but you are not among your peers”
      “Forget not you have risen by others’ strength
      And on your own, you will fall down the full length”

    • Mouse and the camel – mouguh yev oughduh

      A mouse caught hold of a camel’s lead rope
      Walked ahead with aspirations and hope
      Although so small he thought himself so great
      Driving the beast and directing its gait

      Camel went along, let the mouse control
      Leading it onward a whimsical stroll
      “Enjoy yourself now, think yourself hero
      “Soon I’ll show you that you are a zero”

      Then they came to the bank of a river
      The mouse began to shake and shiver
      “Step forward you twerp, you are my guide
      This is not the time to hide your false pride”

      Mouse dared not step in the water and drown
      Appear to be a contemptible clown
      “I am afraid of the deep blue depth
      Drowning in it will show I am inept”

      The camel walked into the depth profound
      While the mouse looked on from the safe ground
      “The water is up to my knee level
      Do not wait, don’t frown, join me and revel.”

      “Your knee is many times over my head
      If I enter the water I’ll be dead.”

      “Maybe you shouldn’t dare lead a camel
      Think yourself master of a big mammal.”

    • Always saying I, I, I behooves the devil

      Yes uhseluh sadanayeen guh vayeleh

      The devil always praises his own accomplishments and talks about himself.


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