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    • When you get old, you’ll understand the value of honoring elders

      dzehranahs dzehree bahdeevuhn eemahnas

      Those desiring greatness must develop modesty and self-discipline in personal life and genuine respect for others. A youth cannot measure correctly the value of experience that comes with old age. But as a person ages, he is able to understand the difference between callow youth and seasoned maturity that recognizes the value of careful consideration of consequences of one’s actions.

      The wisdom of an elder can be invaluable for a youth to learn early in life. Many time people say, “If I only knew when I was young what I know now in my old age.”

    • The gravity of the earth is so strong that the old grey man walks crooked.

    • When there is a new born chick everyone says jewjew jewjew (or makes affectionate sounds), but, for the old hens, they say get going, push harder, work faster

      Nor haveroun jewjew guh sen, heen haveroun kuhsheh kuhsheh

      This proverb expresses the fact that people are somewhat affectionate toward children, but summarily order old people to do things.

    • Old age is not worth five cents

      Dzeroutoun hink cent chi arzerh

      My mother often said this in her old age. Old age is just a headache of sickness, pain, frustration and death. It’s not worth five cents. Earnest Hemingway, the author, decided to commit suicide when he aged. His body could no longer do the things he loved most which included going on safaris, accompanying conquering armies, drinking and love affairs, and his mind was not able to concentrate on writing because of his paranoia and frustration. One morning in 1962 he killed himself with a shotgun.

      I have written a song is Armenian that speaks of growing old.


      Dzerhoutiyoun dzerhoutiyoum
      votch mee martoum chee harkoum

      Old age, old age, doesn’t respect any man

      Sourp keerk ouneem hoyiss ounem
      Verchabes maahem azadem

      I have the holy book and a great hope
      that in the end I will be delivered delivered from death
      (meaning saved by the Lord)

      Seerdis vrrah yar muh gah
      Yaris heesem latz gou kah

      There is a hard rock in my heart

      Yaris merav heratzav
      giankus miayn seerdi tzav

      My dearest love departed (died)
      life is just a heartache (now)

      dareeneruh soohud antzan
      mazerus germak yeghan

      The years pass so quickly
      my hairs have become white

      parehgamneerus mahahtzan
      ov keedeh yerp yes gertam
      My friends have died
      who knows when I will also go

      mahen arach artunnam
      acckuss paatz asduhvasdz dessnam

      Before death, let me awaken
      Open my eyes and see God

      Dhereen khosgk togh eem ogh uhlee
      Aganchis misht vayehlee

      Let God’s word hang on my ears like an ear ring
      and decorate my ears handsomely

      Khrad luhseh mee heeranal
      Mahuh uhnmisht guh modenah

      Listen to my advice
      please don’t go away
      Death is always so near

      Kuhloughit vurrah jagadakhir
      Abakayheen mudadzeer

      Our destinies are written on our forehead
      (in other words death is inevitible)
      Therefore think of your certain future (or fate
      and act responsibly)


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