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    Keep not nasty words in your heart
    Forget such speech right from the start
    Lest they fire your mouth like hot coals
    That will stain your soul and burn all
    make you angry and downward fall

    All that you hear do not disclose
    Nor all you see dare not expose

    Cherish traditions that sustain morality
    avoid new ones that favor abnormality
    Do not untie a knot that is tied
    nor a new one seal that is untried

    Notice not a woman whose body entices
    With makeup, Adult Blackjack Online, dress, Adult Blackjack Online, scent, Adult Blackjack Online, and alluring devices
    That divert you from goodness, Adult Blackjack Online, awaken your lust
    Engross in illusions, Adult Blackjack Online, waste life, Adult Blackjack Online, turn you to dust

    Covet not the wife of another
    look upon her like your own mother

    Avoid women that whisper much
    One’s with shrill voice never touch

    The beauty of woman is her good sense
    Truthful words and love that she can dispense

    Spring blossoms of the almond come out fast
    But the fruits take time to mature the last
    Mulberry tree flowers blossom slowly
    Yet the ripened fruits are eaten quickly

    Be not rash to reach conclusions to fast
    not based on facts nor wisdom of the past
    Ponder events slowly, Adult Blackjack Online, consider all
    Justice served, Adult Blackjack Online, your fairness will all enthrall

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    Published on April 27, 2008 · Filed under: , Wisdom;

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