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  • loyalty

    • They piss in the same hole (or pot)

      Meg dzageh guh sheerhren (mzehn)

      This proverb is used to point out how much two people are in agreement always.

    • You can’t separate the fingernail from the flesh

      Meessuh oughungen chi zadveer

      It is always difficult for parents to see the faults of their children. In English one can say, “Blood is thicker than wine.” Blood relations like the nail and the finger are hard to separate due to family attachment. Even if there is wrongdoing on that part of a family member, other members of the family will support the wrong doer because of family ties.

    • Where the dog eats, there it will bark (to protect the house).

      Shounnuh oour oodehneh hon guh hatcheh

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