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  • Khevuh uhsatz khelokuh havadhatz

    The crazy man spoke and the simpleton believed him. People often make unsubstantiated statements that are speculative or outright false and unrealistic. Statements that cannot be verified with fact or authority should not be accepted. Yet, foolish persons easily accept baseless statements as true. There is another proverb in Armenian, “Halebuh hoos cheh neh, santokhuh hos eh.” An Armenian merchant went from his village in Armenia to Alep, Syria. On his return he told everyone that he saw an ass climbing up a staircase in Alep. On hearing this a man remarked, “Our village is not Alep, but we do have a staircase (or literally Alep is not here, the staircase is here)” The implication is that if asses can walk up staircases in Alep, we have plenty of staircases (and asses) in our village to test your statement to see if it is true or not.

    Published on November 15, 2005 · Filed under: Foolishness and Blind following;
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