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  • conceit

    • He wants you to believe he created the mountain range

      teemahtzee lehrnehruh eenkuhn eh uhssdteghdzehr guh gahrdzeh

      This saying is used to indicate that someone has an over-inflated sense of self worth.
      He is an arrogant braggart.

    • If a (single) flea falls out of his nose, it becomes a thousand pieces of something

      keentehn lou mee eennee, hahzahr guhdohr gullee

      The symptom of a self-conceited person is that he always exagerates his self-importance by
      making an insignificant thing that he does into an event of worldwide importance.

    • The butterfly landed on the branch of a tree, it thought, “The tree will topple because of me!”

      Teetehrneeguh dzahruhn eh yehlehr, eench gah cheegah vahr eh tahpehr

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