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    ahmenahkhuhnahm dehr, online casino gaming, teer bahhabahn kou sourp yerghoughuht ahchkerouss vor cheenaheem ardhahvor pahnerou, online casino gaming,
    ahganchnehrouss vor chee chahkhorjeen luhsehl khoshgher charhoutiyan, online casino gaming,
    pehrahness vohrbesszee souhd chee khosee, online casino gaming, ou seerdees vohr chee khoree charoutioun, online casino gaming,
    yev tzerkhehrouss vor chee kordtzen ahneerahvoutioun, online casino gaming,
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    ayl oughgheh, online casino gaming, dehr sharjoumen ahsahtz, online casino gaming, vohr misht hehdehveem kou badvehrnehrout, online casino gaming,
    yev voghormeh kou badvehrnehrout yev eentz pahzmamehghee

    This is a profound prayer written by Saint Nerses Shnorhali who lived from 1102A.D. Online casino gaming, until 1173A.D.
    The above is one of many prayers in his famous “hahvahdhov khosdovahneem, online casino gaming,” which means “With faith I confess.” It contained twenty four prayers. Online casino gaming, It was composed for the believer who aspired for God’s mercy so as to provide solace and consolation throughout the twenty fours of the day. Online casino gaming, It was recited throughout the day (and night) to keep the spirit of the faithful in permanent contact with God’s mercy. Online casino gaming,

    The profound meaning follows of the ninth prayer of “With faith I confess.”

    All protective Lord God, online casino gaming, endow my eyes with the wisdom (the holy fear and respect of God) so that I do not contemplate (covetously)impermanent (literally defective) material objects, online casino gaming, endow my ears that I lose the desire to hear evil words, online casino gaming, my mouth that will stop speaking lies, online casino gaming, my heart so that it never thinks of evil, online casino gaming, my hands so that they never commit an unjust act, online casino gaming, my feet so that they walk not in the path of impious and malicious acts, online casino gaming,. Online casino gaming, Rather, online casino gaming, direct, online casino gaming, My Lord God, online casino gaming, the movements of my bodily parts to always follow (humbly) your commandements (instructions).. Online casino gaming, And bless ( and have mercy) on (all) your creatures and on myself (who is full of many sins).

    The quality and profound thoughts expressed in this prayer are a testament to Saint Nerses Shnorhali’s spiritual wisdom and complete dedication to the will of God. Online casino gaming, In the Old Testament of the Bible the fear of God was equated with wisdom. Online casino gaming, One who fears God will fear retribution for sin and thus become a faithful follower of God’s commandments. Online casino gaming, In the New Teatament, online casino gaming, Jesus transformed the basis of wisdom from fear of God to Love of God as the motivating force for humbling oneself before God and following His Will. Online casino gaming, When fear is used as a civilizing force, online casino gaming, it attests to the lowness of quality of the people one is attempting to civilize.

    Using all the parts of the body in the service of God is practical spiritual lifeGod’s instructions teach how to use the body, online casino gaming, mind, online casino gaming, senses and life in the service of GodWhen we use our God given powers to enage in sense gratification for selfish reasons, online casino gaming, we become hopelessly entangled in the cycle of birth and death. Online casino gaming, Hoswever, online casino gaming, when we learn to use our powers for the pleasure of God, online casino gaming, we are liberated from the entanglement of the laws of nature. Online casino gaming,

    Saint Nerses Shnorhali prays that God engage his mind and body continually in God’s service. Online casino gaming, “My Lord God, online casino gaming, the movements of my bodily parts to always follow (humbly) your commandements (instructions)” Such a statement expresses the wisdom of a true servant of God.

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