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  • Ajkuh dzahg, perana patzh

    Eyes like an abyss (or greedy eyes) and mouth open (meaning an insatiable appetite). When someone is very greedy and their avariciousness is never satiated, they are described as ajkuh dzahg, perana patzh.

    There is a true story that happened in Azerbaijan. A young man was seriously injured in a car crash and he was rushed to a hospital clinic. In Azerbaijan, the doctors can refuse to treat a patient unless they are first remunerated for their services. A doctor was summoned and she refused to see the patient. She insisted that the relatives of the injured boy arrange payment for her services. After an hour, the doctor was again summoned because the condition of the injured boy deteriorated. She again asked if the relatives were contacted. The answer was given that the relatives could not be located. The doctor again refused to see the patient. After some time the doctor was called because the patient seemed to be dead. When she examined the dead boy she realized that it was her own son.

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