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  • Urrher eh koghoutioun

    Urrher eh koghoutioun
    Arrher eh toghoutioun

    He committed a theft and received a pardon ( or he committed a theft while confessing his sin.)

    A man came to a priest for confession. As he bowed his head and kissed the hand of the priest, he was able to pick a gold watch from the priest’s vest pocket.

    The thief says: “Dear father, I have committed a great sin that troubles my soul. Please help me.”
    “What is it, my son, tell me,” said the priest.
    “Dear father, I stole a gold watch. I want to give it to you for forgiveness and relieve my tortured conscience,” said the thief.
    “No, my dear boy,” said the Priest, who was unaware of the theft, “I cannot accept it. You must give the watch back to its “lord.””
    “I want to give it to the “Lord,” but he won’t accept it,” said the thief.
    “If he refuses to accept it, then keep the watch for yourself. May God forgive your sin, my son,” pronounced the Priest.

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