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  • eemashdouneroun metch unmeed mee uhllar

    eemashdouneroun metch unmeed mee uhllar
    yev unmeedneroun metch ahl eemashdoun

    Don’t be a fool among wise men
    nor a wise man among fools

    Gandhi was characterized as politician among holy men
    and a holy man among politicians

    The British were able to perfectly characterize him through
    their observation of his behavior. Gandhi was a disciplined man and a yogi who exhibited
    self restraint. Yet, he was not able to truly maintain spiritual purity of purpose and remain faithful to the
    teachings of Vedic knowledge. Because he was not integral in his spiritual practices and understanding, he ultimately made a collossal mess
    of his movement and was ironically assasinated. Gandhi espoused nonviolence. Yet, his ambivalent understanding of the Vedic knowledge made him a weak political pundit. His lack of determined leadership created the circumstances by which hundred of thousands of Hindus were massacred by Muslims and large numbers of people were forced to leave their homes with nothing and start their lives again forever distanced from their ancestral lands. Although he was somewhat instrumental in getting the Colonial Brit ish out of India, the result after Indian independence was a catastrophe. Gandhi had written down what his goals were: endi ng Hindu Muslim strife, est ablishing a rural agrarian society decentralized from large industrial cities, cow protection, village industries and sustainable agriculture, and more. All of these goals failed especially the Hindu Muslim coexistence.

    Amongst politicians he spoke of spirituality and amongst holy men he spoke of politics.

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